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2 Things that will Help you to Momently Recover Your Mental Health

Life is busy. You may have to work nine-hour days, care for tiny humans in your house, complete chores or tackle the endless responsibilities that come with being an adult (or, in many cases, all of the above). As wonderful as it would be to turn off your mind for an hour ― or even 20 minutes ― it’s not often realistic.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to succumb to a day of continuous stress, anxiety and tension. While your schedule may not allow for an extended mindfulness session, you can still sneak in some time for mental health breaks throughout the day. These small moments can help you to ground yourself, boost your mood and nurture your body and mind ― and fortunately, doing these activities is not as impossible as you may think. Here are 2 quick and easy ways to give your mental health a little TLC throughout the day: Mindfully eat a meal Working from home often means cramming in a sandwich before your next Zoom meeting. Or if you’ve started commuting to the office again, perhaps you grab something quick before rushing to complete your to-do list. Try taking the few moments you have to eat and making them more mindful. Even if you only have a small window for it, it can help you slow down and let your brain reset. “By using the time we eat to practice being present, we are able to bring forth a state of calm and happiness within as we recognize that our needs are being met in the moment,” explained Amira Johnson, a licensed master social worker at Berman Psychotherapy in Atlanta. Step away from your devices while you’re eating. Focus on chewing your food thoroughly and enjoying the smells and texture of each bite. Ideally, you’d do this for all of your meals. If that isn’t realistic, commit to one; for example, have a mindful breakfast before diving into your workday. Take a walk at lunch Force yourself to take a lunch break and sneak in an outdoor walk. “We often struggle to find time before or after work for exercise or fresh air,” said Imani Crawford, a mental health therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina. This strategy, she explained, utilizes your free time during the day to get some movement and reset your mind. “Studies have shown that the act of walking forward helps us mentally process our emotions and stressors,” Crawford said. If you have a one-hour lunch break, spend 15-20 minutes of that walking, so you leave time to eat and relax before heading back into work. Connect with your loved ones Improve your mood throughout the day by checking in with loved ones. Send your husband a quick text, step outside to give your parents a call or say hi to a roommate online. “This will raise the level of oxytocin in your body, which produces the feeling of being warm and calm,” explained Leila Levinson, a therapist at Just Mind in Austin, Texas. If you work in an office, try scheduling a coffee or lunch break with colleagues you enjoy spending time with. “Socializing increases the levels of endorphins and dopamine, which are key to our sense of well-being and relaxation,” Levinson said. So if you do these two steps, it will help you get better for the moment.

Originally posted: Huffington post

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