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Eating Corn Has These Health Benefits, According To A New Study

Whether you love cornbread, corn chowder, or simply enjoy adding some clean kernels to your favored salad, corn is a staple meals in countless homes round the world. However, it is no longer simply the versatility of this tasty vegetable that makes it such a great addition to meals—it also confers plenty of health benefits even the largest connoisseurs may not recognize.

1 Corn may lower your cholesterol.

If you want to get your cholesterol into more healthy territory, adding some corn oil to your diet may be an effective means of doing so. A 2018 study posted in The Journal of Nutrition found that, among a group of 25 adults with high cholesterol, consuming four tablespoons of corn oil per day lowered cholesterol levels by higher proportions than those who consumed an equal amount of coconut oil.

2. Corn may reduce your risk of diabetes.

A little purple corn on your menu should be the key to keeping diabetes and its related issues at bay. A 2018 in vitro study published in PLOS One determined that the anthocyanin pigments found in crimson corn were related with improved glucose uptake and increased insulin secretion, as nicely as activating free fatty acid receptor-1 and glucokinase, two biological markers related with a reduction in diabetes risk.

3. Corn may enhance your digestion.

If you are trying to provide your gradual digestive tract a boost, a little corn might simply do the trick. A 2013 study posted in The Journal of Nutrition located that consumption of polydextrose and soluble corn fiber, two types of fiber found in corn, was once associated with greater frequent stool production.

4. Corn may improve your gut bacteria.

A healthy stability of intestine bacteria is essential for not only keeping your digestive tract healthy, however promoting whole-body wellbeing, as approximately 70 percentage of your body's immune system is placed inside the gut.

Fortunately, including some corn to your diet may also assist preserve this essential stability intact. A 2016 study posted in PLOS One found that soluble corn fiber had a prebiotic effect, increasing the quantity of beneficial bifidobacteria in the digestive tract of study subjects.

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