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Eating Romanian Lettuce Has These Side-Effects, Based On A New Research

When it comes to talking about nutrient-dense salads, it's normally kale or spinach in the spotlight. And although these types of leafy greens do pack a punch with nutrients, it's important that we do not forget about romaine lettuce!

Romaine lettuce is a basic salad choice, and it still carries way more health benefits than most people realize. But what are these benefits, and are there any poor aspects of choosing romaine? (Countless salad remembers come to mind.)

1. You might increase your danger of E. coli or other foodborne illnesses

According to the CDC, 51 different food disease outbreaks between 2015-2018 were linked back to lettuce, with a recent case of E. coli being traced again to romaine lettuce in November 2020.

Lettuce and different leafy greens can increase our risk of food-borne illness through the growth or production process. The CDC explains that meals contamination can occur at any factor of the "production chain," which is the process that consists of preparation, production, processing, and distribution.

An example of this would be lettuce that was sprayed with contaminated water or being exposed to surfaces that weren't cleaned after carrying animal products.

In order to decrease your risk, the CDC recommends washing your hands thoroughly before you easy your lettuce, as well as running it under the faucet rather of soaking it in a bowl of water. They additionally suggest using a smooth towel to pat the lettuce dry.

2. You may lower your blood pressure

Romaine lettuce is a fantastic source of potassium, with one cup having about 116 milligrams. For some perspective, a cup of kale has only about 71 milligrams of potassium.

You're no longer going to get as a lot potassium with romaine lettuce as you would with some thing like a banana, which has about 375 milligrams, but bananas also have about 18 grams of sugar in contrast to the one gram in romaine lettuce.

Potassium has incredible benefits for your health. A report from The British Medical Journal revealed that consistent potassium consumption can lower blood pressure in humans who are residing with hypertension, as well as lower their risk of stroke significantly.

3.. You'll get a boost of calcium

Calcium is an essential nutrient for your health and can impact more than one areas of your body such as your bones, teeth, kidneys, and even your cardiovascular system.

Research has proven that even even though a lot of emphasis is placed on getting enough calcium at an early age for healthful bone development, it is actually crucial throughout our entire lives.

At 15.5 milligrams per cup, romaine lettuce by means of itself won't supply you almost enough calcium to meet the daily recommendation of about 1,000 milligrams for the common adult. We shouldn't, however, diminish the value of eating nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods that comprise calcium whenever we can!

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