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Eating This Food Can Reduce Wrinkles, According To A New Study

As we age, the look of wrinkles in our skin and growing hyperpigmentation are common skin problems. And whilst no one food or product will totally prevent or erase wrinkles, new lookup exhibits that ingesting almonds each day may help reduce wrinkles and different signs of aging for postmenopausal women.

We know that almonds are a healthy snack this is rich in vitamin E, however how does that impact our skin? We requested EatingWell's assistant diet editor Jessica Ball, M.S., RD, to weigh in. "Vitamin E is a vitamin however it is also an antioxidant,'' says Ball. "This capability it can help protect cells, which include skin cells, from free radical damage. This not only improves the skin's appearance as we age by reducing wrinkles and nighttime out pigmentation, but additionally it helps reduce the damage that can lead to pores and skin cancer."

The study, launched in the journal Nutrients, from researchers at the University of California, Davis, (and funded by the Almond Board of California), appeared at the results of almond consumption on wrinkles and pigment depth and facial biophysical parameters such as sebum production and skin hydration, and water loss in postmenopausal women who have the Fitzpatrick skin kind I or II.

The Fitzpatrick skin classification describes your skin kind and how it will react to sun exposure. This information can be beneficial for planning your things to do outdoor as well as for choosing the proper cosmetics. One important be aware to share is that this study is expressly constrained to those who have the Fitzpatrick skin type I or II. This is because these skin types usually are the lightest complexion on the scale and are the most likely to burn.

To investigate whether or not almonds are really helpful in delaying skin aging, researchers carried out a randomized controlled study for 24 weeks. The study contributors were broken into two groups. One group ate almonds as a snack, which amounted to 20% of their total calories per day on average. Then, any other snack, such as a granola bar, was substituted for the equal amount of energy in the control group.

The researchers assessed participants' skin at the start of the study and then again at 8, 16 and 24 weeks. Researchers decided that participants who snacked on almonds saw a discount in wrinkle severity of up to 16% over 24 weeks. The study also printed that facial pigmentation intensity—or unevenness of skin tone—was reduced by 20% by using the 16-week mark.

The researchers concluded that almonds—which are high in vitamin E, an antioxidant that may protect in opposition to UV damage—may be responsible for the results they noticed in each wrinkles and skin tone. While the study was once conducted for 24 weeks (a brief time body when it comes to aging), it does reveal that there's greater lookup to be completed to seem at whether almonds may want to be a dietary aid used for enhancing skin pigmentation and wrinkles in people of other ages, genders and skin types.

Before we begin stocking up on almonds, Ball shares some of the limitations of this study and what we can take away from their findings: "This study was completed on a small group of people with comparable demographics: all postmenopausal women with fair skin that burns easily." While Ball acknowledges that these effects aren't relevant to the entire population, vitamin E is nonetheless an necessary nutrient that helps your body feature at its best. She says, "Vitamin E aids in immunity, promotes eye health, improves heart health and an awful lot more. Almonds are packed with fiber and healthy fats, making them a great preference for a healthy snack and addition to meals—even though they would possibly no longer magically reduce the wrinkles on your skin."

What can we do to improve the health and vitality of our skin as we age? "Staying hydrated is essential for healthy skin," says Ball. "Regularly the use of sunscreen protects from sunburns that can damage skin in the short and lengthy term. There are additionally quite a few foods that promote healthy skin, like fruits, vegetables and complete grains. An normal healthful life-style will preserve your body and skin feeling at its best."

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