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Health Benefits of Eating Beet Greens, According to Nutritionist

Let's face it, almost all of us can benefit from including more greens to our diets. In a world full of processed foods and quick eats, superfoods like green vegetables are often left aside. If you are looking to add some variety to your daily greens, consider this mild, easy-to-eat option: beet greens.

They're exactly what you think, the greens connected to fresh beets, and yes, they are indeed edible. We tapped two registered dietitians and a private chef to get the scoop on beet greens, why we should consume them, how to consume them, and, of course, what they taste like.

Health benefits of consuming beet greens.

Like all greens, beet greens are chock-full of nutrients. And in accordance to registered dietitian Nicole Rodriguez, R.D., if you already love the flavor of fresh beets, there's no reason not to enjoy the greens, too, and here's why:

1. They're full of vitamin A.

"One serving of beet greens, about 38 grams, provides nearly half the daily recommended amount of vitamin A," Rodriguez says. "Vitamin A is an important fat-soluble antioxidant with benefits that range from the reproductive and immune systems to healthy, radiant skin."

2. They offer high amounts of vitamin C.

Registered dietitian Andrea Mathis, R.D., says beet greens additionally offer a high amount of vitamin C. While it's always essential to consume vitamin C, it's especially healthy during the cold-weather season when flu and colds spread at higher rates. "Vitamin C helps support your immune system and fight off those pesky flu and cold germs," Mathis says.

3. They're rich in polyphenols.

Mathis also says that polyphenols are found in both beet greens and beetroots. "Polyphenols contain noteworthy antioxidant properties that can help decrease and stop inflammation." In fact, one study found that elderly adults who consumed a polyphenol-rich diet improved gut health.

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