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Is Ezekiel Bread healthy for Us? Everything You Need to Know about It.

Updated: May 16

If you’ve been following the vitamin scene for a while now, you’re in all likelihood underneath the affect that you must keep away from certain carbs like white bread at all costs. And honestly, there is some fact to that, considering that white, sophisticated grains are low in fiber and high in easy sugars—a.k.a. they threaten to spike your blood sugar and fat-storing insulin levels. So, yeah, they’re probably no longer the first-class alternative if you’re attempting to lose weight or keep regular blood sugar levels.

But don’t worry—there’s really a distinctly first-rate total grain bread choice you may have in no way notion of before. “Ezekiel bread is bread made from a combination of sprouted grains and legumes. By mixing exclusive grains and legumes, Ezekiel bread is able to turn out to be a entire protein, which consists of all 9 necessary amino acids,” explains Marissa Meshulam, MS, RD, CDN.

It has a much unique dietary profile from white bread. “By contrast, wellknown white bread is made with sophisticated flour that has been stripped of its nutrients. Refined grains have the bran and the germ section removed, which as a result, removes most of the fiber and nutrients,” provides Meshulam. Since Ezekiel bread is created with entire grains and legumes, it’s wealthy in the vitamins you want to get you through your day, like protein.

According to its producer Food for Life, Ezekiel bread is stimulated with the aid of the Bible, specifically, a verse in Ezekiel 4:9 that reads "Take additionally unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and spelt, and put them in one vessel, and make bread of it..." The components are all pretty hearty—organic sprouted wheat, filtered water, natural sprouted barley, natural sprouted millet, natural malted barley, natural sprouted lentils, natural sprouted soybeans, organic sprouted spelt, sparkling yeast, natural wheat gluten, and sea salt. There’s no brought sugar in Ezekiel bread either, which capability it won’t increase your glycemic index and lead to that awful blood sugar crash.

Keep analyzing to locate out the precise diet records behind Ezekiel bread, and how you can add it to your lunches (and breakfasts, and dinners, why not?!) ASAP.

Ezekiel Bread’s Nutritional Profile

It relies upon on the company of sprouted entire grain bread, however in accordance to Meshulam, each slice of Food for Life Ezekiel bread has the following nutrients:

Calories: 80

Fat: .05 g

Saturated fat: zero g

Cholesterol: zero mg

Sodium: seventy five mg

Carbs: 15 g

Fiber: three g

Sugar: zero g

Protein: 5 g

Is Ezekiel bread really wholesome for you?

These stats make Ezekiel bread honestly excellent for you—especially when in contrast to white bread, Meshulam says. Ezekiel bread is free of sugar and synthetic dyes, and it’s also low in sodium. It consists of all 9 imperative amino acids and additionally is very excessive in protein and fiber, which capability it can keep you full for longer.

The total grains in this bread include all three components of the seed: the bran (the nutritious outer layer), endosperm, and germ (the seed’s nutrient-rich embryo). As a comparison, white bread has the bran and germ are eliminated for the duration of refining and processing. That's why it’s healthiest to look for complete grains in your carbs on every occasion possible.

Since Ezekiel bread is sprouted, the grains are less complicated to digest. That's due to the fact sprouted grains may additionally contain much less tough-to-digest starch, and the vitamins are simpler to absorb, provides Meshulam. “Ezekiel bread is additionally traditionally organic, which means that there is much less pesticide residue,” she says. This is key due to the fact pesticide residue has been recognised to have carcinogenic and bad GI effects, research published in Frontiers in Public Health states.

As healthful as Ezekiel bread is, there are a few matters to maintain in thought when picking it. First, it is great to select organic, according to Meshulam. “Conventional wheat is sprayed with glyphosate, which has been linked to long-term health risks like diabetes, excessive blood pressure, and even sure sorts of cancer,” she explains.

Just word that these with celiac disease have to keep away from Ezekiel bread: “Wheat, spelt, and barley are components in Ezekiel bread, and all comprise gluten,” says Meshulam. “This is no longer compatible for a gluten-free diet.” However, if you surely have a gluten sensitivity, the sprouted grains may additionally be less complicated to digest and motive less inflammation, due to the increase in their degree of antioxidants. Antioxidants regarded as polyphenols are in particular essential due to the fact they can inhibit the inflammatory process.

Lastly, it’s vital to understand that even though Ezekiel bread is proper for you, it’s nevertheless a big source of carbs, and consequently might also no longer be well matched with a low-carb or paleo diet. Make positive not to overdo your carb consumption, and as a substitute hold it balanced with different meals groups.

What are some effortless ways to add Ezekiel bread to my diet?

“It’s honestly a extra nutritious improve to somewhere you would use bread!” says Meshulam. An open-faced turkey sandwich for lunch is one of her suggestions, however you can also add peanut butter and mashed raspberries for an upgraded "adult PB&J". If it is breakfast time, use Ezekiel bread as the basis of your avo toast or egg sandwich.

You can get a bit fancier with the Ezekiel bread, too. “I additionally endorse reducing it up and toasting up your own extra nutritious croutons, or turning these bread chunks into a panzanella salad with tomato, cucumber, and mozzarella,” she adds. Since you can purchase a range of flavors of Ezekiel bread, like sesame and cinnamon raisin, it can work with any meal or snack, whether or not you’re craving a savory or sweet treat.

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