• Amarildo Prendi

Stay Safe During Holiday Season as COVID Cases Increase, CDC Warns

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidance on trick-or-treating.

Now looking ahead to Thanksgiving and the holiday season the agency has issued new guidance.

“We should have guidelines for COVID, it’s real,” said one resident.

When it comes to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with loved ones the CDC says being fully vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself.

“You want to be safe so if the CDC has guidelines than you follow them,” stated a resident.

“We have to be careful and cautious about what we’re doing indoors, not spreading the virus, not taking a risk until we’re 100 percent comfortable,” said another resident.

The CDC recommends hosting a video chat party as opposed to a large indoor gathering. If you are going to attend an event outside parties are safer than indoor ones. That’s harder during the winter months so the CDC says wear a mask and open a window to let some clean air in. You can also use a fan to blow air out of the window to increase ventilation.

Most importantly, if you’re not feeling well stay home.

Source: Click on Detroit

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