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These 2 Drinks Will Lower Your Blood Pressure, According to a New Study

Maintaining normal levels of blood stress is a vital way to keep yourself healthy. Your blood pressure levels measure simply how tons pressure your blood is inserting on the walls of your arteries throughout the day, so having too tons of this stress can end up a problem.

When you have excessive blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension, you make bigger your chance of severe health issues like heart disease and stroke. This is why it is necessary to screen your ranges and do what you can to hold normal numbers. One of the approaches you can do this is through your diet, and a great region to start is by searching at one of the most important foods of the day: breakfast!

We talked with Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, founder of Nutrition Starring YOU and creator of The Everything Easy Prediabetes Cookbook about different breakfast foods and drinks that can help us decrease our blood pressure, and the reply is a bit surprising!

"A breakfast drink that can decrease your blood strain is a delicious cup of hibiscus tea," says Pincus, "and if you want extra added health benefits, you can sweeten your hibiscus tea with some pomegranate juice!"

Hibiscus tea

"Hibiscus tea can be a soothing start to your morning with the added bonus of decreased blood pressure," says Pincus. This is because studies proceed to find that regular consumption of hibiscus tea can decrease blood strain levels in those who are pre-hypertensive or have stage 1 hypertension.

"One study showed that topics consuming 3 cups of hibiscus tea per day skilled similar drops in levels to some preferred medications," says Pincus.

This study, which can be observed in the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, monitored the blood strain ranges of adults with both pre-hypertension or mild hypertension, all between the a long time of 30 and 70 years old.

The participants who drank three cups of hibiscus tea a day for six weeks noticed an common of a 7.2 point drop in their blood pressure. This number is comparable to what they believe they'd see if the individuals had been given remedy instead.

The main researcher on this team noted that though some may consider 7 points a relatively small decrease, it is more than sufficient to make a long-term impact, particularly because something as small as a three point drop in blood pressure can limit a patient's risk of mortality. More recent research, like a 2019 study published in The Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research, discovered that drinking hibiscus tea twice a day can lower levels in these with stage 1 hypertension.

Adding pomegranate juice

According to a study from Atherosclerosis Journal, patients with hypertension had been able to lower their blood stress by up to 5% with every day consumption of pomegranate juice.

"Pomegranate juice consists of antioxidants called polyphenols, and whole pomegranates incorporate more than one type," says Pincus. "The deep pink pomegranate arils have anthocyanins, whilst the rind and white pith surrounding the arils have ellagitannins."

These antioxidants make pomegranates a great source of dietary value, in particular when it comes to reducing our blood pressure.

So whether or not you have excessive blood pressure and would like to lower it, or if you'd like to take some preventative measures, start tomorrow off with a cup of hibiscus tea and take one step closer to a healthier life!

Originally published: Eat This Not That

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