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This is the Best Place for Your Workout, According to Experts

Whether you're enjoying an endorphin rush after a few laps in the pool or feeling a runner's high after a quick jog, it's no secret that exercise can be a major mood booster. In fact, a 2018 review posted in the Journal of Happiness Studies reveals that doing just 10 minutes of workout a week was associated with improvements in mood.

Better yet, a new study suggests that doing your workout in one particular place should make you feel better—and it might even improve your feelings of anxiety and depression.

Before you lace up those sneakers, read on to discover which workout location could make you feel like a million bucks.

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A 2021 meta-analysis posted in SSM – Population Health reviewed 14,231 records and 50 research on the effects of outdoor activities. In reviewing the data, researchers found that participating in nature-based interventions (NBIs), like gardening and outdoor exercise, for between 20 and 90 minutes for 8 to 12 weeks, significantly reduced anxiety symptoms.

"We've known for some time that being in nature is good for health and wellbeing, but our study reinforces the growing evidence that doing things in nature is associated with large gains in mental health," explained the study's lead creator Peter Coventry, PhD, a senior lecturer in health services research with the Mental Health and Addiction Research Group at the University of York's Department of Health Sciences, in a statement.

Outdoor workouts were found to reduce depression, too.

The study's researchers also found that NBIs were associated with major reductions in depressive symptoms as well. This isn't the first time research has linked outdoor workout with benefits for these with depression, though. A 2011 study posted in Science and Technology found that exercising outdoors was associated with reductions in feelings of depression, anger, tension, and confusion.

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