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Top 3 Best Mediterranean Fruits to Keep Yourself Healthy

When it comes to meals pairings, there are plenty of hints to follow—from each the culinary standpoint and from the dietary side. But to assist simplify things when you are feeling overwhelmed, think about this tip: "What grows together, goes together," nutritionist Maggie Moon, M.S., R.D., shared at a latest digital match for POM Wonderful.

When you think about that, it without a doubt "makes so tons feel that culinary traditions would advance round common components that do properly in a given geographical region," Moon later informed mbg, "but there are dietary advantages as well."

While there are many examples of these sorts of groupings round international kitchens and recipe books, we're centered on the one that inspired her declaration in the first place: the Mediterranean combo of pomegranates, mandarins, and pistachios.

"I love that they provide contrasting and complementary taste notes and textures," she shares, "from buttery and nutty to candy and bright, with textures from crunchy to juicy."

That variant in texture and flavor is welcome on easy dishes like salads however can additionally be divine atop yogurt bowls, roasted vegetables, or even desserts. But it goes past simply the flavor and texture benefits—there's some thing to be stated for how this team works nutritionally.

"They additionally 'go together' due to the fact they offer variety," says Moon. "It's necessary to encompass a range of plant ingredients for the duration of the day, as different ingredients provide exclusive nutrients, and a balanced, assorted food plan helps the body get what it needs." In this group, you have pistachios, a correct supply of whole protein; pomegranates, which provide antioxidants; and mandarins, which furnish a good element of your every day diet C.

In the case of these ingredients, they grow collectively in the Mediterranean—but additionally now in California, in areas the place there may be a comparable climate. Pomegranates and pistachios, in particular, have origins in the Middle East, even before they had been introduced to the Mediterranean. Look to the cuisines of any of these regions, and the different components that crop up often, for inspiration.

As for me? I'll be topping my salads with pomegranate seeds, mandarin supremes, and shelled pistachios all summer—with a drizzle of EVOO and balsamic, too.

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